Which are the best attackers and why? Which are the best defenders and why?

Here is my top champions. Who should I invest in and why?


I also have my mastery attached. Modifications?


Which are the best attackers and why? Which are the best defenders and why? 5 votes

Defender vs Attsckers
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Mastery tips
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  • Defender vs Attsckers
    Blade . GR with quake will make good team for Aw Attacker. But Doc oc also pretty insane if used correctly and do mephisto too as he is good in attack and defence too
  • SimoronSimoron Posts: 31
    Defender vs Attsckers
    of course blade. the others are depend on what path and tier are you in now? quake and yondu will be useful to take those regen nodes. But yea basically I love how flexible quake is. other than the bleed or poison nodes, you can count on quake brads.
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,274
    1 point in dex
    0 points in all class masteries except MD
    0 in gold masteries
    Add some offense masteries
    Get willpower
    0 points in physical and energy resistance
    That's some of the things i think you should do for your mastery setup.
  • MrMaatMrMaat Posts: 302
    i opened up this thread kind of expecting replies like
    Blade is the best attacker because everyone says he is.
    ghost rider is great cus seatin said he was.


    firstly ur masteries are terrible.
    you really need points in offence. precision and cruelty are the 2 best early masteries to unlock (aside from dexterity and parry). get the unlocked and ranked up then start to look elsewhere.

    dont worry too much bout ranking defenders until you have some good attackers ranked.
    my top pick from what you have is GR he is so sustainable. he has great utility and his regen is amazing. will help you through alot of quest content once you learn how to best use him (he is quite simple too).
    secondly i would rank elektra. personal choice here but i love her. she is highly underrated. she hits hard, she does great bleed. has armor break for immune and her ability reduction helps against so many champs.
  • Ranking up your blade, doc ock, and yondu will get you pretty far. Yondu is great on Both offense and defense. I agree with Elektra being great offensively, she helped me tear thru road to labyrinth with the ability accuracy reduction.
  • Defender vs Attsckers
    Pretty smart way of asking for advice, if I do say so myself
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 497
    edited October 2018
    For war attack I would say blade,GR and quake(if u know how to use her)..for questing Ur top 5 can be blade,gr,quake,doc oc,Angela
    As already pointed out,ur mastery setup is bad...only one point is offense is stupid...take out all points out of defenseman except block proficiency and invest in offense..especially cruelty and precision..also remove 2 points from Dex and use them in offense
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