Basic 5* arena?

Hi guys, Just a question about arena's. Back in the day we could grind for 4* champs with the basic inside. So If you wanted to progress in the game you did that, because the 4* champs were still worth something. These days its impossible to get a 5* champ from arena or you have to have a big roster or some money to spend.. I'm a student and don't have money to throw away haha. I love this game and love to play with my friends, but I'm at a point that new 5* champs are only coming to my account when they aren't new anymore (8months later). I get that its all because 6* champs got introduced but I just don't know how I feel about grinding anymore.. Before we had a chance to grind as hard as we could and get the featured and otherwise the basic. Nowadays its " shards" if you don't get the featured and ofcourse its a competition but there is no competing against 60mil point scores xD. Please let me know how you guys feel about it :) thanks already!


  • I always do at least 1 round of the 4* basic arena if I don't have the champ, more 4s equal more chances of duping that champ which give you more 5* shards leading to more 5*s, its a vicious cycle lol..I only do 1M pts in the 5* arena for the 5* shards and that's it.
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    The 5* arena is an absolute joke there zeronchamce for students like ourselves to ever hope to compete or people with normal jobs. To be able to get one of the champs it is a full time job that cost you money
  • Another option as was pointed out in a different thread yesterday was the Marvelous crystal. It offers a guaranteed new 5* and usually costs units, a lot of units, but if it comes out every couple of months. It will allow you to have a new champ that has not yet been released in the basics.

    Also there are other guaranteed 5* offers, some are for cash, but there have been ones for units. Grind the arenas for shards, units, gold, etc and then when one of these offers arrives, you can take advantage. Or ask for Apple/Google GC's for presents and add them up for the cash offers if you are that serious.

    Although I personally hate Dungeons, that is another option to get newer 5*s . Or gamble and use those units for the featured 5* crystal.

    Bottom line, it is free to play but there will always be a struggle without some cash.
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