Looking for a home. Prestige 6k +

Im looking for a new and chill home. Im looking for a t4cc each week. Well experienced with aw tier4 and aq map5.
Time zone +5:30
Line id hari_ss.so
In game name. The_Analyzer m9ffbjkielog.png


  • Mi_WarriorMi_Warrior Posts: 63
    Still looking for
  • Bpn88855Bpn88855 Posts: 402 ★★
    edited October 2018
    hi, we are AQ top550, AW gold1 top 240 in last season. Interesting in our ally? if yes pm me in line: bpn88855
  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,366 ★★★★★
    come join SH30 is our tag, aq map 5 and 6 tier 4 aw and gold 1
  • BezzitleBezzitle Posts: 272
    Hi. I sent in game friend request. Check is out. You can also find me on line @Bezzitle
  • m1k3ym1k3y Posts: 3
    Top 300 Gold 1 alliance, map5 + 2 times a week 1BG map6, AW skills required. If interested line to m1k3y22
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 941

    We have to replace a guy, so I wanted to see if there was anyone looking around for a new place to hang out...

    What we have: a stable, active, supportive group of players. (12+ mil ally, 30 active guys strong). We are running 544, 544, 443, 442, 422 in AQ (running 60+mil, first 2 days are mandatory), and 2 BG's in AW...Gold 2 this season. We have a great balance of life and game, allowing guys to pop out for for a bit for real life, while plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself into a great group to play the game. We use discord for team comms (like line, but better for us) and are very organized with comms.

    We need you to have enough 5-50's or 3-45's to run AQ, and AW concurrently, as well as your EQ, etc. (for the smaller accounts looking to move up, for the larger accounts, you are already there).

    We have minimums...2k item use, 10k completion, 8k SA. We hit SA weekly, most always top half. Donations are 50k gold and 3k loyalty and 3k Battle chips to support map 4 and 5 in AQ.

    If this sounds like a great place to hang out, please reach out: Ground Round on line, GroundRound#0363 in discord, and Ground Round in game.
  • Mi_WarriorMi_Warrior Posts: 63
    Hard to find a home. Still looking for
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