Re-designing the HELP button and ask for HELP button on champs after arena fights

If it's not going to add too much additional stress on your server, please consider re-designing the HELP button. Currently, when we press this button, we only sent HELP 4 at a time. Can we increase this number to 10 or ideally, if we press it, then all of the help that was asked be fulfilled. Additionally, after the arena fights, our champs can recover faster for use if we press the green button calling for help. We can only press one button on each champ, at a time. This wastes so much of our time, particularly when the server is so slow at responding. Is there a way to have a button that if pressed, the request for help for all of the champs after arena fights can go at the same time. So, we press one button as opposed to as many buttons as the number of champs that we used to grind. From a player's perspective, this will add enjoyment to the arena and game experience because it reduces the time that we mindlessly press the button. From your perspective, you might need to have additional resources to reduce the stress on the server. Please check with your IT team to see if this is feasible.

Much thanks for your time and consideration to this proposal.


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    DrVD99DrVD99 Posts: 71
    This is a good idea. Also should give each champ in all arenas to top 20%. If Kabam cared for the health of most players, they would waste less time in arenas.
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