Best BG Assignments for AQ?

I'm the leader of an alliance and have been working on getting the different BGs balanced based on contribution but an officer recently suggested that maybe we should base BGs on geographical location. He feels it will make it easier to coordinate each mini boss fight.

We have a bit of a problem where sometimes someone tries to tackle a mini boss too early and ends up losing a lot of health or worst gets knocked out.

Which approach do you guys use? We are currently running map 2 regularly (doing 100% pretty much every time) but have decided to try map 3 right now since we are between AW seasons. The hope is to eventually do Map 4 which likely will require more coordination.

My concern with geographical location is it isn't that simple. I can't play during work hours other than during lunch hour so most of the work i do is during lunch hour and then after work all the way to when i go to bed. This still allows me to be MVP most of the time in my BG but this timeframe may not work with someone else that is also in north america.

So....what do people recommend?


  • BluDragonBluDragon Posts: 104
    I'm the leader of an alliance scattered around the world. We also mostly run Map 2 but have started doing some Map 3, and found that co-ordination and timeliness is more important (and will presumably become moreso on higher Maps again).

    We tried to form battlegroups based loosely on geographical location and met with limited success - it resulted in uneven distribution of strength between battlegroups and also, as you suggest, just because people are in the same timezone doesn't mean they are active at the same times.

    For now we have reverted to not considering timezone in battelgroup assignment but just aiming for a good mix of talent in each group. I can't help thinking that we could do harder maps if we could solve the battlegroup problem more optimally. I am considering forming one battlegroup based on timezone and strength and having them attempt Map 4 - might try that during this war offseason.
  • Fighter092Fighter092 Posts: 128
    If your players are active the time zone dont affect that much, i am in an alliance that has 13 hrs of difference without any problem.
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