4.2m gold 2 ally looking for 2 new members

Quickly growing alliance looking for players who are quick to jump into AQ/AW, are making moves when needed and know what they’re doing.

•Mostly adults and a few teens
• Require the LINE app to communicate and must actively read all announcements •4.2m alliance rating
• Average member rating 142K
• AQ maps 5, 3 and 2 depending on skill level
• AW rating 1500-1600 tier 5-7 gold 1-2
•Optional SA holding every other week
•7500 gold, 1600 BCs and 750 loyalty minimum are requested for donation each week
•Leaders take members opinions into consideration
• Play daily to keep growing, and are actively building our rosters

Ideally, we are seeking players with a base hero rating of at least 150K, level 40+ and who can comfortably run map 5 at least twice a week. More than rating though, we seek like-minded, awesome individuals who will fit into our group.

Hit me up on LINE to discuss further. Leader/Recruiter: JessicaWXYZ
Alliance name: [VB013] Vibranium Benders


  • _BORIS__BORIS_ Posts: 31
    Greetings fellow summoner! I’m interested in what your allaince has to offer very reasonable donations! To see my champion roster check out my recent post. I’m a very active player. Hope we can come to an agreement =)

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