Wich one to rank up

Just get my third science T4C

Wich one to rank up 14 votes

Red Hulk 5★ Undupped 3/45
StucatDOKTOROKTOPUSjlamadisonJohnwickBHFhfjghhggggjfhfjgFooshblalala 6 votes
Void 4★ Duped 5/50
DarkZenSuperSam57Krumbledkookiebluebubble100B_Dizzle_01GhostboytjieAdityatheaawesomTivjyot 8 votes


  • It's a tough one...depends on what u want the champ for..void is a character who is known for his utility and the fact that he needs his dupe means that it will a long time before u can have a 5* void ready to be used for his utility so maxing him out as a 4* is a really good option
    Rulk is one of the best science champs and is a really good raw damage dealer with double immunity and at 3/45 he would deal a massive amount of damage at 10 heat charges..
    U cant go wrong with either of these 2..so rankup the one u think will help u more in the short run and then use him to collect stuff to rank the other one up
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