Loyalty Store Buff

SpideySpidey Posts: 45
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I would like to see the loyalty store get a buff in the following ways:

4 Star generic awakening for 100,000 loyalty

5 Star awakening crystal for 800,000

5 Star generic awakening for 1,500,000

Tier 2 Alpha for 350,000

Tier 5 catalyst for 1,000,000

Introducing champs that you can purchase with loyalty who switch every 7 days in rotation, 4 Star, 5 Star and 6 Star versions:
Unstoppable Colussus MYSTIC (Week 1)
Kang TECH (Week 2)
Morbius SCIENCE (Week 3)
Netflix Punisher SKILL (Week 4)
Jubliee MUTANT (Week 5)
Super Scrull COSMIC (Week 6)
Let me know your thoughts.


  • MrBanksMrBanks Posts: 709
    I like everything you said except for the champs you can buy. Punisher from the Netflix universe is too similar to classic punisher to be added. Plus, we already have an exclusive way to get him. I think they should add generic awakening gems for 150,000 loyalty and then depending on the catalyst of the day, you can buy that for 100,000. Maybe even shard crystals for 1,000 or 2,000 loyalty and a Greater share crystal that guarantees 4 star shards and a chance at 5 star and 6 star shards for uncollected players.
  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 352
    The catalysts are too cheap and the 5 champs would take too long to develop together with the regular 2 champs per month wich would take time away from reworks for alder champs like magneto
  • jaylerdjaylerd Posts: 111
    I don't see the benefit for Kabam releasing new champs that are exclusive to the loyalty store. They have no way to make money off of loyalty.

    But, I do like the idea of having other champs there - X-Force Wolverine, Jessica Jones, Dark Phoenix, Weapon X - these are all champs that have in-game models and/or have been bosses. I duped my 5* Unstoppable Colossus already, so where else am I going to dump all my loyalty? Nowhere, really.

    4* and especially 5* awakening gems is the best way to go I think. Those are desperately needed and, yes, they do take money away from Kabam which they would earn via units spent on crystals in the attempt to dupe a champ, the fact is 1000 loyalty per day + war rewards + event rewards still means maybe 1 high-value loyalty store item per year. Those hell bent on getting that would have to also sacrifice spending on other things, like invulnerability boosts, changing how they approach wars.

    I think it's time for a buff. I like the suggestions.
  • I like the idea of having a real way to get awakening gems, i don't know about the characters but i really like having some way to actually get awakening gems
  • SpideySpidey Posts: 45
    I was just throwing ideas out there. The champions don’t need to be added but I definitely would like to see shards (maybe even crystals added) similar to the dungeon crystals, Tier 2 Alpha, Tier 5 catalyst, and awakening gems for sure.
  • Definately can't have a five star awakening crystal for less than a four star.....
  • SpideySpidey Posts: 45
    Definately can't have a five star awakening crystal for less than a four star.....

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