19 mil alliance recruiting to push platinium 3

We are looking for 3-5 player to join us in our quest to reach platinum 3 next season
We are super friendly and not hardcore. We rank 350 in AQ 5X5 and will be doing a day of map 6 in 1 BG if interested. We want to break the 250 mark
We were all set to get platinum reward last season when kabam paired us against an insanely strong team and we ended 22.

That’s for us. Now our requirements
-act 5 100%
-1 R5 5* or R2 6* ( working hard getting a 2nd)
-US base
-tier 3 experience
-And of course active

We are extremely friendly with over 50 people in our chat because even if people leave us for better alliance they always stay for the atmosphere (and eventually come back 😁)

If you think we are a good match contact me in line jerry78180


  • JeryG8terJeryG8ter Posts: 64
    One last open spot. Pm me in line and we can talk about what you want and what we expect.
    Jerry78180 LINE
  • JeryG8terJeryG8ter Posts: 64
    Alright we need 1 more. and i guess i need to add that contender need to have skill to survive AW and clear line without emptying their potions every war.
    And also be active.
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