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Veteran player 475K looking for alliance 10 millions not under

my focus is AW 2/3 groups tier 5/8 i dont want alliance play 3 groups when minority that s why i left my old alliance we got 4 lost in raw it s stupid. gold 1/2/3 but gold 1/2 will be great i only had gold 3 for the moment.

aq a mix of 5/3 no FULL 5 i have a life !!!!! no time anymore for that (final score between 40 millions and 60)
low donation please but i have lot of gold !!! i can give a lot.

events all active except arena dont want camper who wait and score just a little and other a lot because camper, but ok if people have real things to do in real life, yes real life comes before the game !!! if you have no life dont contact because i have one with kid.

line is an option but i have i m not often connected there and no time for blabla

i dont want assigned path in WAR i have 30/40000 def power and lot of choice of def to give
alliance must be very good for placement.

you can search me in the game : JeanClaudeDusse


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