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Gold realm and rank downs

ZainshamsZainshams Posts: 102
edited October 2018 in General Discussion
With the changing meta in aw again shifting it towards some selected champs(especially females) and making bleed champs useless (example archangel becomes absolutely useless in aw now because every defender will be bleed immune). Also if people have good female champs and not at rank4 they'll need resources ( the most precious being gold). With these changes kabam needs to start gold realm again for atleast 14 days because it's really to difficult to do aw AQ eq+side event and on top of it arena. Also people who ranked their drax or archangel (even blade somewhat will become useless thanks to great nodes like masochism or buffet) especially for aw purpose will need to rank them down in order to gain back the resources. I'd like to see atleast gold realm returning.
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