Dear Kabam (A series of letters to the company regarding suggestions for improvement)

Dear Kabam ( @Kabam Porkchop @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious ),

You've stated that you want to encourage Summoners to bring a more diverse set of Champions to attack and defend with for Alliance Wars. In order to promote this change, you've suggested that you might create some new global buffs in Alliance wars that buff attackers (to encourage players to bring certain Champions to War) and some that would buff defenders (to encourage you to diversify your defense roster). You've also said that you don't want to increase the difficulty of Alliance Wars.

You're going about it all wrong. Adding in more defensive capabilities without first removing some of the node-by-node buffs will objectively increase the difficulty of Alliance Wars. Some nodes have 8+ buffs on them after links go down. Adding in another global buff will objectively make it harder to handle those nodes, and it's not going to seriously impact the attackers brought to Alliance Wars to handle them, even with the global attacker buffs. Node 30 is going to continue to see Power Drain/Power Burn/Power Lock Champions to tackle it. Other nodes are going to see the same sorts of Champions on attack teams designed to overcome the challenges set forth at each node.

Here's how to go about it the right way. Start ramping up the frequency with which you redesign established Champions, bringing their power level in line with the newest released (or redesigned) Champions. Please see the examples of the base statistics (below):

We'll use She-Hulk as a baseline.
She-Hulk - 3-Star (4/40)
Health: 6730
Attack: 476
Critical Rating: 353
Critical Damage Rating: 463
Armor Rating: 277
Block Proficiency: 2775

Now we'll compare to the redesigned Red Hulk.
Red Hulk - 3-Star (4/40)
Health: 6730 (Same)
Attack: 476 (Same)
Critical Rating: 302 (14% less)
Critical Damage Rating: 463 (Same)
Armor Rating: 161 (42% less)
Block Proficiency: 2355 (15% less)

So why is Red Hulk a better Champion? He can not only Incinerate his opponent, he deals an additional 18% damage per heat charge on his attacks (one single heat charge gives him +86 damage), but he can regenerate 5% of his health for the cost of 2 heat charges. He does more damage and can stay in the fight longer. Plus, his specials aren't quite as easy to evade.

Let's look at another example:

Kamala Khan - 3-Star (4/40)
Health: 5821
Attack: 485
Critical Rating: 650
Critical Damage Rating: 793
Armor Rating: 140
Block Proficiency: 2894

Now we'll compare to your newly redesigned Venom.
Venom - 3-Star (4/40)
Health: 6851 (18% more)
Attack: 485 (Same)
Critical Rating: 302 (54% less)
Critical Damage Rating: 463 (42% less)
Armor Rating: 206 (47% more)
Block Proficiency: 2355 (19% less)

So why is Venom a better Champion? He's got Bleed, he's got Armor Break, he can go Unstoppable, he's got True Strike, he's got Fury (and that's a lot more reliable than Kamala Khan's), he can heal for 4% of his total health each time he steals a buff, and he gets random genetic buffs every 9 seconds that buff up his Physical Resistance, Armor Rating (by 99% per buff), his Critical Damage (by 65% per buff), his Critical Rating (by 152% per buff), and his Attack Rating (by 15% per buff). On top of that, he gets an additional 15% Attack and a few more buffs based upon who he's fighting. He can dish out way more damage than Kamala Khan can hope to, and he can stay in the fight for far longer.

That's why you're going to see the newer Champions in Alliance War. You've left many older (and weaker by design) Champions in the dust with the power creep of the game. If you don't fix older Champions with greater frequency, you'll never see the kind of diversity in Champion use that you say that you're looking for. You need to redesign existing Champions to be able to counter all of the challenges that you've developed over the past few years, and that simply hasn't happened.

Essentially, what it boils down to is this... All Champions should be viable options in all modes of game-play, and that simply isn't true for this game. In point of fact, quite a few champions are no longer viable options in any mode of game-play.

A concerned player and longstanding member of the Marvel Contest of Champions Community
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