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7.5K Prestige Looking for G1 Ally

Looking for a relaxed G1 AW Alliance.
Line id - altuq


  • Wt4dWt4d Posts: 69
    We looking for players for our ally, G1, tier7, AQ map3 only. No donations. Where is GMT+3?
  • Al2QAl2Q Posts: 66
    Aah... AQ Map 3 is a little less... GMT+3 - Middle East
  • Wt4dWt4d Posts: 69
    Running map3 because most of us are veteran and semi retired who only want to focus in AW.
  • Bpn88855Bpn88855 Posts: 464 ★★
    a17 man ally, gold 1. my line bpn88855
  • Al2QAl2Q Posts: 66
    Settling down for a friend's Ally for now.
    Thanks for the invites guys.
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