3 looking for a retired ally

We are looking for a place to just chill and play the game

Map 3 AQ

No donations and no event to minimal event requirements

AW gold 1 or 2 nothing higher


  • Wt4dWt4d Posts: 67
    Hi, our ally focus in AW only and AQ map3x5. My LINE is wt4D. Let’s chat?
  • Wt4dWt4d Posts: 67
    Oh, btw we are at GOLD1, tier7.
  • trollintrollin Posts: 10
    I sent you a message on line

    My line id is

  • abzoolabzool Posts: 5
    If you are still looking, please massge me in the game my name is Abzool and my alliance name is Great Lakes Heros
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