Looking to rebuild (LCGIV) 4king

Hi, we are recruiting heavily. We are Bronze 1, but have a lot of people who just don't take part and contribute. We want to build the alliance up to Gold at least. It will take some work, but it will also be fun.

We use LINE, so you must get it. There are no compulsory contributions but members should donate as it's for the good of the alliance good. You must be active, basically daily.

We split BG's for war based on total base hero rating. That means each BG is balanced, you can run any path you want but we try for exploration. For AQ we will run 3 BG's, this will be determined by PI (base rating). BG 1 will run map 3/4, BG 2 map 2/3 and BG 3 map 2 (or 1 depending on how low the PI is).

Most of all we want to have fun, play hard and help each other progress. Communication is important to us as the current members say nothing. We know communication helps. We give and ask advice.

Preferably 120K base rating and above.

Lets build up something great.

Leader IGN & LINE ID: Shamlazertag
Officer IGN & LINE ID: Reynie3


  • Reynie3Reynie3 Posts: 38
    We are still looking for summoners to help us rebuild. We have 10 spots but it looks like more might open up.

    Please reach out so that we can build up a great alliance.
  • Reynie3Reynie3 Posts: 38
    We filled up two spots but still need some more committed summoners.

    Please get in touch if interested. We really want to be ready for a big push when AW opens
  • Reynie3Reynie3 Posts: 38
    Filled another spot. We still need a lot more help!
  • Reynie3Reynie3 Posts: 38
    Looking for committed summoners! Get in here before the season starts, before the next AQ run!

    We have fun, chat on LINE and play hard.
  • Hey I would like to join.
  • Reynie3Reynie3 Posts: 38
    Cool man. Lets do this!
  • You sent me a link to your profile so I’m interested. Just not sure I meet your requirements. As I said I’m new to the game and still learning the ropes. But I’m more than eager to learn haha
  • Reynie3Reynie3 Posts: 38
    You are more than welcome to join up! We take all players especially eager ones! That want to learn! Add me in LINE and I can explain some more
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