Dungeons Return Oct 22 - Nov 5th

Greetings Summoners,

We’re just 1 week away from Dungeons returning one more time! This time, we’re splitting the current Milestones into smaller, more manageable goals!

This version of Dungeons will run from Oct 22nd until November 5th, and will still feature 72 hour long events, but instead of 5 Milestones, will have 15! For Summoners that were in the final Bracket, you’ll find you now have 18 Milestones instead of 6.

When we switched over to the 72 Hour Events instead of 24, we found that the steps between Milestones were too far, and wanted to help players lower the commitment in time and effort before they get to claim a reward. The point requirements to get the Top Milestone have not changed, and the total possible rewards remain the same as well; we’ve simply spread the Gold and Artifact rewards over more point thresholds.

Take a look at the new Milestone Point Requirements below:


While this will be the last iteration of Dungeons that we have announced a this time, they will be back in the future! We don’t have any information to share on that right now, but stay tuned. Remember, your Artifacts are now a permanent currency, but the Crystals that you can buy with them will change when Dungeons come back next time!

Ready your partners, and prepare to enter Dungeons once again! Dungeons return from October 22nd until November 5th! You must be at least Level 16 in order to participate in Dungeons.
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