looking for alliance- 590K PI 73xx prestige

im experienced, 590k PI 7300 Prestige elders bane 1 lol path done
2 R5 5*s 3 6*s
LOOKING FOR A RELAXED ALLIANCE, i dont have time for serious alliance at all at this time, if i had the time i wouldnt have left my top 500 aq plat 3 alliance.

i can handle map 5x5 without issue,
for AQ tho anything above gold 2 and tier 6ish is outta of the question
so if there is a alliance out there take take AQ more serious then AW

i wont grind arena ever
i can prolly do 15k completion
i dont use items just to use them for item use

i work 7 days a week between 2 jobs and atm its about 75-80 a week so my time is limited but i always finish my paths

if your alliance feels like i would be a good fit contact me, on line or in game cytwbc

PSA if your alliance is above what im looking for right now, i will block you and your alliance there is no need to waste each other's time period ( again if i wanted a plat ally i would be in 1 )


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