Boosts for Symbiote Difficulty bosses in monthly event.... (Please add suggestions)

Let me begin by saying if want a far easier time exploring this always have Total Carnage boost on (for extended time on bleed up Cut Deep boost as well), the critical bleed melts opponents down (obviously on non bleed opponents you will have to adjust). With that said, these are just the boosts I found extremely helpful for the Symbiote difficulty bosses.... (Also I have not fought Void or Symbiote Supreme yet so I dont have a strategy yet, thats where the leaves your suggestions comes in, LOL)

Chapter 1:
Spiderman - Nodes (Stun Immunity, Caltrops, Enhanced Abilities, Unblockable SP1 and 200% Health)
Boosts to use - Fighting Dirty (to counter evade) and Recoup (to basically gain health from Caltrops bleed)

Vision - Nodes ( Starts 2 bars of power, Cornered, Unblockable SP1 & SP2, Power Gain 100%, 45% Armor and 200% Health)
Boosts to use - Cleanse (to drain and counter synthesis) and Undying (because of synthesis Vision basically starts with a full 3 bars of power, if he dashes back and you forget to block or dont block in time he will go right into SP3 so its good insurance to have)

Chapter 2:
Kang - Nodes (Enhanced Armor, Aspect of Evolution, Aggression Armor, Unblockable SP2, Optimist, Strike Back and 200% Health)
Boosts to use - Total Carnage (basically all you need is this, just bait out SP1 and you dont have to worry)

Classic Deadpool - Nodes (Recovery, Aggression Regen, Masochism, Outlast and 200% Health)
Boosts to use - Total Carnage (again all you need! Get enough critical bleeds on and it will outdo the regen), Cauterize (heal block)

Chapter 3: (Again havent fought these yet so dont have a strategy and dont know the nodes for Symbiote Supreme yet)
Void - Nodes (Debilitate, Biohazard, Rage, Explosive Personality and 200% Health)
Boost that would be helpful - Recoup (to counter biohazard), Cracking Blow (SP1 nullifies Armor Up Buffs), Purge (buff removal)

Symbiote Supreme - Havent got that far, LOL


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