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Looking for AQ based Alliance - 300K Player

I am looking to join an alliance that is mainly based in AQ. Minimum Map 4 or 5. I am a 300K player.


  • ravens52ravens52 Posts: 49
    We are aq 5x5 and plan on getting gold 1. You have line ?
  • ravens52ravens52 Posts: 49
    My line Id is ravensd52
  • Am_bishop is my ID
    Slut4marvel is my alliance
  • Gladiator2014Gladiator2014 Posts: 283
    Chrome wrote: »
    I am looking to join an alliance that is mainly based in AQ. Minimum Map 4 or 5. I am a 300K player.

    Hi Chrome. At [1Dos3], we are an organized, active, AQ-focused alliance with room for 1 more player. We play AQ in 3 BGs. BG 1 plays map 4 or 5. BG 2 plays map 2 or 3. BG 3 plays map 2 or 1. You definitely can help us out in BG 1 with map 4 or 5.

    If you look at our alliance, about half have low ratings with the other half consisted of moderate to strong vets accounts. We work really well together. Collectively, we put up over 20+M points in AQ and we have our sights set on 30 M points next. Our AQ rewards (combined) are 2050 Glory, 19000 T4BC fragments, Map 5 Crystals x 4, Map 4 Crystals x 11, Map 2 Crystals x 5, Map 1 Crystals x 5, over 60K gold, and some battlechips.

    We participate in weekly SA. We put up between 250K - 290K points each week, but we just added 3 new players (2 days ago) so we should be able to reach 320K this week. In other alliance events, we reach the last or next-to-last milestones. Overall you will get good rewards and will enjoy the environment in our alliance.

    There are no event minimums. No mandatory donations. But we do require the use of Telegram as our communication app. If this situation fits what you need, please message me in-game. My IGN is gladiator2014. You can also find me on Telegram as my username is @gladiator2014.
  • Hit me up on Line ffnmvigyivygyvk
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