Boosts and android disadvantage

I have an Ipad and android phone, I play on my android primarily (newer galaxy) and tested a theory of load times and boost disadvantage. I ran the same lineup and boosts for the test as well as the same path. The load time between matches on the Android resulted in more boost refreshes. The android single path run was approximately 12 minutes longer due to load times. If we do this over the course of completion, the strands gained would not support the usage of boosts.

I know this has come up before and android users are not able to compete for legend titles, but that is a pretty substantial difference. Since the last 2 updates the load time has continued to increase for android devices.

Not trying to cause chaos, just providing info from personal testing.


    The OP is 100% correct. my girlfriend and I both play (me more so than her), and her load time is insanely fast, where as mine is just enough time to drive to the store and back and maybe have it loaded when I get back. JK JK, but yall see my point
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