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So i am an average player with only 2 r4 5*s GP and Rulk ... I am currently on 5.4.3 . Assume if i have no potions and no refills ... How many units will it take me to complete the last 4 quests of 5.4 ( just a single run ) and explore the Sym. difficulty in one sitting?
PS. Please include the energy refills cost too


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    If you are just doing a single clear of act 5.4 I don't think you will need any units for potions GP is good for the modok boss and rulk is great for mephisto and is probably good for ultron. Symbiote difficulty if you've stashed a good amount of strands shouldn't cost you any potions maybe a few health pots on the last chapter so you can fully heal before you fight a domino and Dormammu so say 60-80 units. In terms of refills there are 19 paths total, 2 lanes for the first two quests, 3 lanes for the next two then 4 and 5 lanes for the next two paths respectively. 750 units should be very comfortable to finish everything if you have absolutely no refills/pots and play well.
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    Hey thanks dude! @Sungj
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