Killmonger duped vs blade unduped

Who to rank up? I have stark spidey (unduped) and ghost rider (duped) for blade's synergies and void (duped) for killmonger.but personally i dont find blade special (perhaps he is when duped, for regeneration)

Killmonger duped vs blade unduped 50 votes

Killmonger duped
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Blade unduped
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  • VeeTeeTeeVeeTeeTee Posts: 48
    Blade unduped
    Depends on what you are looking for in the champ. They are completely different characters.
    Killmonger's special ability is true strike imho. But this is mostly needed in AW. in story quests, event quests and alliance quests true strike doesn't play that much of a role
    Blade's utility, if you have the trinity, can't be underrated and it makes him an extremely versatile champ.
    The only other ability he gets from awakening is his regen, which of course is great, but not necessary to clear most of the content in the game. Blade's damage output is crazy when his danger sense is active. I used to underestimate him but right now I take back all the bad things I said about people who praised him ;)
    by this I'm not saying Killmonger is a bad champ, but if I were to rank up one of them, I'd start with Blade. Killmonger can wait.
  • InfineightInfineight Posts: 238
    Killmonger duped
    Blade is better champ than killmonger but needs to be awakened and should have the synergies
  • GriffoplayGriffoplay Posts: 189
    It is not easy.
    Duped void benefit a lot with Killmonger for war attack. Killmonger unduped is ok for aw attack, on defence it is way better duped.
    Story wise a Douped Blade with stark and Ghost Rider can give you more then Killmonger and let you cler content faster and with a lot less resources.
    I will take a decision based on:
    - Have you cleared act V?
    - What Path do you have to follow in ally war?
  • Willjackson16Willjackson16 Posts: 283 ★★
    Killmonger duped
    event quests are filled with auto blocking and evasive champs he’s great for war attack and defence blade entirely needs his sig ability and synergies to make him good I would do killmonger but it’s personal preference don’t let people fill your head that blades the best because he’s not the games moving on to a point where blade is going to be not bad but not as good
  • FooshblalalaFooshblalala Posts: 277 ★★
    Blade unduped
    Honestly, I would rank up blade since you already have the synergies. Killmonger and his synergy team is more an aw thing, and I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that you haven’t 100% act 5 yet, which blade will be extremely helpful for.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 1,974 ★★★
    Killmonger duped
    Honestly I like Killmonger a lot more than Blade.
  • M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 362
    Ok thank you guys :)
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