Old Skewl 5*- Still an option?

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Just duped my 5* Ant-Man.

He has two abilities. Three counting his “signature”

What got me is the very slim “25% of the time” it activates. Fatigue is far to slim of a chance to make it effective, and his sp2 poision damage is just weak compared to others.

He could use some love for sure. Look at wasp, she’s more in line with how his ability should work with “shrink” Ant-Man can become enormous though and should have some offensive ability, at least the possibility. For example, his heavy attack animation should be more like Memphistos. Growing in size to deliver a huge blow. Maybe add stun or bonus to attack as a kicker.

It would be cool to see champions become more fluid and animated, as so many newer champions are. Makes it better experience all around. No need to change mechanics either, not if just polishing graphics anyway. Champion models are identical in many cases and could be addressed as a whole, one at a time, gradually expanding upon the multiverse.


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