Can We Have a Reasonably Priced T5B Frag Deal?

There were a few $99 deals for a handful of T5B frags. Can we have an offer that gives 3k-5k at a more reasonable price or units?

A question to the community, what would be a reasonable price? I feel $9.99-$14.99, but definitely not $99.99. I would love to see a 500 unit deal for a bunch of T5B frags.


  • Midknight007Midknight007 Posts: 725 ★★★
    And "reasonable" is relative...

    Probably $100 for 1/4 or maybe 1/3 of a catalyst.

    Reasonable is relative. That is why I asked the community as to what would be reasonable. Answers will be different, but it allows for a conversation as to make Kabam aware of what the community prices such a deal.

    I also asked for value in units for those that are F2P. My job is in marketing, and focus groups and data are important for establishing a price point. Up until now, it seems Kabam is way out of line with what the community feels what a reasonable price point for 4,500 T5B frags.

    None of the content creators seem to have had nice things to say, nor forum posters or anyone I speak to in game. The price point was more like a “let’s see if they will pay this” then based on any input from their actual consumers. Seeing as they have yet to offer another deal says the price did not fetch much buyers.
  • WWIDBWWIDB Posts: 44
    Black Friday and Christmas are just around the corner. I’m sure we’ll see deals with them
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