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Buffing old champions

Dear Kabam,

As you know the contest is ever evolving with more and more champions coming into the contest and they continue to be more complex and have more usefulness than the older champions. This then means that these champions just sit on the bench and are never used. While i understand that you cannot buff every champion, some champions are in desperate need of a buff.

Colossus is a champion totally devoid of any usefulness.He has terrible damage output, no utility and has no place in any part of the game where you could use him. In terms of suggestions for how to improve him; for a start increase his base stats so he at least hits much harder. Give him some utility, for every armour up he gains, give him a fury effect. Give his special abilities additional effects such as power cntrol, heal block or attack increase, maybe a regen effect.

Magneto is another champion that really needs a buff. he is one of the coolest characters in the marvel universe but he is such a disappointing character. His damage output is terrible, bleed effects are so weak, little utility. Increase his base stats, increase the bleed effects potency and make them a 100% to inflict bleed rather than 55% Also surely no bullets should be autoblocked as they would never be able to hit him and this would be a cool utility for him.

Thanks for listening

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