Experience Boosts?

Considering we’ve been playing with the same level cap (60) for 3+ years, it’s safe to assume a large majority of the daily players have reached that cap.

As Kabam has yet to indicate whether or not they’ll be extending that cap (my gut tells me they never will), it would seem that the +40/50% Exp Boosts are completely irrelevant/obsolete to a large faction of MCoC players, yet we still receive said boosts through various means.

Suggestion! Change the alogorithm so when players who are level 60 receive an Exp Boost, it’s automatically transmuted into a gold boost. Same increase for the same duration, but instead of gaining extra experience (useless experience at that), the players who’ve reached the level cap are rewarded with a temporary increase to all gold accumulation.

Simple solution for a simple problem, and we all go home happy.


  • 6yrara936yrara93 Posts: 60
    Kabam could always give us a new XP bar at level 60. Much like building up Prestige in Call of Duty and other games. Once you reach the maximum XP, you then work at filling up the XP bar, and receive rewards each time you fill it. Then the XP boosts wouldn’t only be used during item use for the level 60 accounts.
  • ButOfCorpselyButOfCorpsely Posts: 71
    @6yrara93 that’s not a bad suggestion either. As it stands, the current level 60 rewards are:


    20 Units
    10,000 Gold

    But considering it’s “prestige level 60”, I feel it should be an increase to:

    100 Units
    50,000 Gold
    3600 T2A

    For each successive level 60.

    Great idea.
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 1,074 ★★★
    The only utility, now, is ranking up on item use events.
  • SuelSuel Posts: 279
    Solo event crystals need revamp asap
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