Did Kabam Steal Your Lunch Money?

Feeling like Kabam stole your lunch money? Us too. Haha.

We (Kabam Stole My Lunch Money, or KSMLM) is a Silver 3 Alliance with a war rating of 717, and an Alliance rating of 8.38 mil. Average member rating of 320K. We are active in AQ and AW weekly, running map 4, and we are looking for 4 active members who want to grow with us. Real life comes first, always, but our people are still very active and committed. You'll be expected to install and use the Discord app to be in touch with us (not a requirement, but strongly recommended since the in-game chat is so wonky). Weekly donations are minimal. Weekly SA as well. Please be rated at 200k or better.

Get in touch here or in game with krumbledkookie. Hope to hear from you, and kick ass with you, soon,


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