Looking for 1 7k prestige aq top 500 high gold 1 aw finished 13th last season

As said we are looking for one for our alliance. We are a chilled friendly bunch who treat the game like a game. We don’t spend on wars we just see where natural progression will take us. Run aq 5x5 and are a solid well established bunch. We don’t have a high turn over and looking for one player, could that be you? Message me on line ID:schmitrn for a chat. Thanks for your time reading and good luck finding a new home


  • Still on the lookout for one player before aq tonight
  • Looking for one member before war season starts due to a member being hospitalised and can no longer play for the foreseeable. Well established alliance with a low turn over rate. Hit me up on line if the above is applicable to you and what your looking for. Good luck finding a new home
  • Anyone looking tonight as require someone ASAP. Message me on line for a chat
  • ux8238a0u5dt.png
  • Still on the lookout for one before seasons starts. Message me on line ID: schmitrn
    Pic will be baby groot for a chat.
  • Still looking for one player for seasons tomorrow hit me up on line for a chat. Pushing for p3 this season
  • Still looking for one before war placement this evening for the start of the season. Message me on line for a chat
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