Change Alliance Wars

Its getting increasingly boring and frustrating to come across the same enemies placed on the same nodes every single war. Its become nothing more than a repeat of Mordo, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut, Spiderman, Magik, etc. Perhaps a system to only allow a battlegroup to place 3 of the same character. Not only will it become more strategic in the alliance placement but will also make it fun again


  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,080 ★★★
    I think it would be good to have some new maps with different layouts and nodes added. They could have them randomly selected each war or one map per week sort of how AQ minibosses work. It would bring new meaning to AW and change things up a bit rather than fighting the same nodes on repeat.
  • HoidCosmereHoidCosmere Posts: 550 ★★
    A change I would prefer to see is moving around the abilities on the board. Either have the AI randomize it for each war, or change it for each war cycle or even give alliance leaders the ability to swap them to another node.
  • Yea it definitely needs a refresher. It's been the same for so long. i don't think limiting certain champs would work, but you could create nodes where specific characters gain negative effects and other characters gain extra boosts, that way less common champs would be more difficult, but could be a fresh, more exciting challenge. And I like the idea of randomizing that every week, like in AQ.
  • Make class restrictions on some nodes. Like one only Mutant or only Science
  • LeftTurnAlbqrqeLeftTurnAlbqrqe Posts: 72
    I agree that AW should be restructured and thought about a class limitation myself also (max 8 per class-change nodes from 50 to 48 = 6 classes x 8 per)
    My alliance is fortunate to have a lot of NC and last time we brought 7 of them
    But, I bet u, Todd Gack, that Dustin Hoffman will be in Star Wars before Kabam changes AW around.
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