9 mil alliance , in top 500+ looking for players

We want this player right on the verge of really hitting the stride in the game. Thinking about an LoL run. All master quests are easy. AQ map 5*5 with 4.6k prestige isn't that challenging. Etc...

The players that look around their alliance and just want to go faster, finish quests quicker. Come chat with me about playing with a good, elite group. Map 6 is planned and attempted. Once avg Prestige is a bit higher we will do it again on a monthly basis.
Line : liamandjeff

The 4.7k + players looking for a home that can bring T4cc. This alliance s how you earn it. Join a good solid team if fighters that have no issues clearing in map 6 and then just earn it together. Don't go the slimy way and just join a group that has already earned it before you. Earn it for the first time with others that work just as hard and want it just as bad.
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