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Strongest Champs

It’d be interesting if Kabam would post a list of the strongest individual champs and their summoners. Could make for a cool recruiting tool to get champ variation.
ie. Hulk- John Smith
WW2 Cap- Jane Doe
and then click that champ/summoner info


  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,968 ★★★★
    It would always be changing/just be a function of who wants to set up the right mastery. Every 5* r5 blade sig 200 is the same level, until masteries change it. and a lot of players constantly change them.
  • Saint9Saint9 Posts: 20
    True, but lower ally’s aren’t going to be full of 5/55s maxed. So if I as a leader, am looking for a summoner with a solid Ronan or Red Hulk or whatever champ that no one else in my ally is using or class we’re weak on maybe a ranked list of each champ and their summoner. A silver ranked ally can look down the list (maybe sorted by top champs, something because base hero tank can be misleading)... maybe what I’m really looking for is just new/better summoner rankings instead of just top 200 and then “... 300002” or whatever you happen to be ranked ...

    Eh, just brainstorming outloud i guess
  • MrBanksMrBanks Posts: 950 ★★★
    Here’s your list in no particular order or form

    2. Magik
    3. Void
    4. Spider-Man SE
    5. Medusa
    6. Corvus Glaive
    7. Iceman
    8. Ghost
    9. Killmonger
    10. Hyperion
    11. Ghost Rider
    12. Archangel
    13. Omega Red
    14. Captain America IW
    15. Iron Man IW
    16. Quake
    17. OG Vision
    18. Dr. Voodoo
    19. Domino
    20. Scarlet Witch
    21. Dormammu
    22. Sabertooth
    23. The Hood
    24. Wasp
    25. Gladiator Hulk
    26. Luke Cage
    27. Korg
    28. Gwenpool
    29. Star-Lord
    30. Sentinel
    31. Yondu
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