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Basic T4 infinite streak

I’ve done the basic champ arena streak successfully, need help with the details on how to start the infinite streak for basic T4 catalyst. Please and thank you.


  • phil56201phil56201 Posts: 709 ★★★
    Here is the bare minimum to get on it.
    Fights 1-5: unranked 3 stars.
    Fights 6-10: 4/40 3 stars.
    Fight 11: 2x4/40 4 stars, 1x unranked 1 star
    Fight 12: 2x3/30 4 stars, 1x unranked 1 star
    Fights13-15: 2x4/40 3stars, 1x unranked 1 star
    Fights16-17: 1x5/50 4 star, 2x4/40 4 stars
    Fights18-20: 3x4/40 4 stars
    Fights 21 and up: 1x4/40 4 star, 2x3/30 4 stars

    I use that formula every week and never have issues. Just make sure you are choosing your best utility champs in fights 9 thru 15. Matches 16 and up, you can use higher rated champs, equivalent 5 stars etc if you have them.
  • @phil56201 thank you so much!
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