Potential changes to Mr. Fixit

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I put out some potential changes for abomination a while ago, and now I’m feeling inspired to put out a few more potential champion changes. Up next on my docket is the gambling goliath, Joe Fixit!

-At the start of the first fight of the quest, Joe gets a second suit to sway the odds in his favor
-Grants immunity to ability accuracy reduction. After all, the house always wins
-Spades debuffs increase in potency by a certain percent (scale with sig)
-Hearts regeneration gains up to x% flat potency increase (scale with sig
-Clubs cruelty passives increase in potency by x% (scale with sig)
-Diamonds power gain and fury potency increases by x% (scale with sig)

Now, the base kit:

-Mr Fixit’s gamma-irradiated physiology grants him full poison immunity, as well as 50% bleed duration reduction

-Joe knows how to spin the tables in his favor, increasing his ability accuracy by up to a flat 30% based on his combo (1% per hit)

-Gambler’s ruin effects grant a certain amount of attack to Fixit for each one active, and each give him different advantages

-Landing a heavy attack rerolls the current gambler’s ruin effect and gives Joe a fury buff, increasing attack by 15% for 6 seconds

-Additionally, landing a heavy attack grants an unblockable charge, up to 3. These are expended when using special 1 or 2 attacks, making the first hit of these special attacks unblockable and guaranteeing that they are critical hits

-Upon winning a fight, Joe keeps his primary gambler’s ruin passive and saves it for the next fight (up to 3)
*This allows for a skilled quester to have a “full deck” with Joe, unleashing his full potential

-Hearts: Grants 10% health per minute (based on base heath), and has a chance to shrug of damaging debuffs over time. This chance increases, up to 90%, depending on how damaging the debuff is
-Spades: Mr. Fixit isn’t exactly a friendly guy, and he’ll make sure you know it. All basic attacks have a 15% chance to trigger either petrify, weakness, fatigue, or agility for 6 seconds, to a maximum of 3 debuffs per type, each reducing their respective stat by 20% Each special attack hit refreshes a random debuff among those inflicted by spades
-Clubs: Joe isn’t just some dumb brute, and he takes advantage of those who thinks he is, increasing critical hit rate by 45(ish, I dunno. Don’t like these flat values) and reducing the opponent’s critical resistance by the same amount. Additionally, every 5 hits, Joe gains a permanent passive cruelty, increasing critical damage by 150 for each charge, up to 10 charges. He loses these cruelties at a rate of one per hit taken
-Diamonds: Joe has some anger in him, increasing his special damage by 30%, and also giving his special attacks some chance to be unblockable. Additionally, health lost only further infuriates him, increasing his power rate and attack by up to 30% based on lost health. Whatever the current value is of this bonus is doubled if Joe is under the effects of any debuff

Special 1- Has a chance to inflict bleed (keep these bleeds the same) over 5 seconds

Special 2- 100% chance to stun for 3.5 seconds. Additionally, inflict an armor break, breaking all armor effects currently on the opponent, and breaking armor by (gonna just make a wild guess at what’d be useful here) 950 rating, increasing the effectiveness by a flat 150 rating per active gambler’s ruin passive effect

Special 3- Grants the diamond gambler’s ruin passive. If it’s already active, inflict a random other one. If all effects are active, inflict an L2 armor break and one of every spades debuff for 10 seconds. These can stack over the usual limit of 3. Also, inflict bleed for 15 seconds (same potency as what we currently have)

So there’s my ideas to make the gambling gangster a little more threatening. I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on my changes! Planning on doing re-writes to more champions soon!


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    Hey, maybe they’ll release him as a 6* in the next featured crystal or something
    You never know, and I love Fixit
    I’d love to see him get some love
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    Those suggestions make joe amazing
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    Oh, and I forgot add in
    The additional gambler’s ruin effect from the L3 is once per fight only

    And that first section is the sig
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