Introducing: Choose Your Own Profile Pic!


We know that this is an announcement that many of you have been waiting for, and an ability that many of you have asked for many times in the past. Introducing, the ability to choose your own Profile Pics!

That’s right Summoners! Starting next week with the release of our 21.0 Release, you’ll be able to choose any Champion in your Roster as your representative in the Battlerealm! How does it work? Well, it’s pretty simple! Navigate to your Summoner Profile, click the little icon to change your Profile Pic, and you’ll be presented with the portraits of every Champion you have in your Roster!

There will be a difference though… If you choose to use a Champion other than your top rated Champion, they will not have a border that represents their Rarity. Instead, they will have a dark slate/black border to indicate that this Champion is not your top rated. You’ll still have the ability to choose your Top Rated champion, and keep that Champion’s border if you want to!

In addition to the ability to choose one of your current Champions as your Profile Pic, we’re also introducing Premium Profile Pics that you can purchase in the store! These Premium Profile Pics will feature iconic weapons, unique items, and legendary characters that have appeared in the Battlerealm! Want to represent yourself with the Iso-Sphere? How about Captain America’s Shield or Mjolnir? Now you can!

There is no cost to use a Champion portrait from your own roster as your Profile Pic. Different tiers of Premium Profile Pics (denoted by the color of their border) will have different prices.

Tier 0 - 1000 Gold
Tier 1 - 80 Units
Tier 2 - 150 Units
Tier 3 - 500 Units

Here are a few examples of Profile Pics that you might find in Store soon:

We know that this has been a longtime request from many of you, and we’re happy to finally be able to help our Summoners represent themselves in the Battlerealm in a way that they feel really represents their favourite champions, their personality, or just in a way that they think looks cool!
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