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5* shards

Will the cost of the 5* crystals be going down anytime soon? Or will more shards be introduced as milestones for events? Or will the drop rate of 4* go up and/or more 5* shards from dups? It's great and all that more champs will be added to the 5* crystals, but let's be honest more champs = less likely hood of being able to get a dup. So even if you had pulled a turd and you are unfortunate to pull it again, at least it's a bit better being awakened. The 5* shards are hard and long to come by and a lower cost or introduction of more shards would help.

Btw, I really feel bad for those people who spent the $500 last week for a chance at the past 5* featured...and now this. Kabamed!!!


  • 0_hood_00_hood_0 Posts: 16
    Yeah kabam please reduce the shard cost
  • Mr_WiffMr_Wiff Posts: 244
    Would be nice if it was the same as 4 star shards even if that means that the shards from a 4 star dupe comes down. I doubt that Kabam would do this but we can only make our wishes known on forums like this.
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