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Potential changes for She-Hulk

Whododo872Whododo872 Posts: 1,042 ★★★
edited November 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
This time, I’m making a few changes to She-Hulk! What I was going for with this one was a sort of easy damage dealer, but in skilled hands, a BIG damage dealer, especially in quests, with a little utility sprinkled in her sig

Signature Ability: Citing Precedent

- She-Hulk did her research before the fight, so she knows what she’s up against, and her opponents lose x% (scales with sig, up to 50%) of a specific stat for each different class
- If at any point in the fight the primary passive from the signature ability is not active, a heavy attack will re-apply it (as in not the persistent charges)
- Skill- Special attack ability accuracy
- Science- Debuff duration
- Cosmic- Buff potency
- Mutant- Special attack damage
- Mystic- Power gain effectiveness (from all sources except attacks/being attacked)
- Tech- Ability Accuracy
- Special 3 attacks consume the Citing Precedent passive and any persistent charges for +x% damage (up to 30%, scales with sig).
- Upon defeating one of these classes in the same quest, She-Hulk learns what that class can do, and gains that benefit in each fight from then on (in the form of persistent charges)

Base Kit:

- Poison immune, of course
- She-Hulk’s no-nonsense attitude can see through anybody’s facade, no matter how clever, allowing her heavy attacks and special attacks to be completely unblockable by any means (meaning it includes things like Stand your Ground and mordo’s block the unblockable ability)
- She-Hulk analyzes her opponent throughout the match, noticing their fighting style and their weaknesses. Every 10 seconds up to 3 times, she increases her ability accuracy by 10%, and reduces her opponent’s by 5%. This ability resets whenever She-Hulk is hit
(For flavor, deadpool champions are immune to this ability completely)
- She-Hulk takes a stunned opponent as an opportunity to knock some sense into them, increasing her attack by 100% for the duration of the stun. This bonus does not apply to special 3 attacks
- Special attack damage and ability accuracy increase by 10% increments based on the opponent’s size (Ex: gwenpool would be 10%, star lord would be 20%, etc.)
- Special attacks hit with bone-crushing force, giving a 15% chance for damage to be doubled by these attacks

- Special 1: 45% chance to stun for 3.5 seconds
- Special 2: 55% chance to stun for 4 seconds
- 100% chance to apply concussion, reducing ability accuracy by 75% for 10 seconds
- Special 3: 100% chance to inflict stun for 5.5 seconds

Ah, I love writing these things
Any feedback on this one? What did y’all think? And who should I re-write next?


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    Hey Whododo872, you've created quite a few discussions over the past few days which propose changes to help make Champions more powerful and effective in The Contest. I share your enthusiasm on this topic so I'd like to thank you for all the amazing ideas you've being sharing with us!

    However, there's also a Champion Improvement Suggestions thread, located HERE.

    To help keep the Forum tidy, please share any Champion improvement suggestions you may have in that thread. To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this one.
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