Which path should I take first in Act 5.2.4?

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Hey so I just started going for uncollected and hit this beauty of a quest. All the paths are very difficult but which one do you think is best for a first run?

The caltrops path has the weaker PI's, but still has masochism so that kinda balances that... The middle path seemed alright with the strongest champs but only Yellow Jacket has masochism I believe.

I only have a 4/40 LC and 5/50 GH for bleed immune options haha. My intercept game is not too great btw. Maybe 5/10 best...


  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,265 ★★★
    Still no luck running a few paths. I'm gonna try putting a 3* Killmonger in with my 5* and 4* Sabertooth.
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    The one that starts with red deadpool and colossus (Optimist I think it’s called)
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    The one that starts with red deadpool and colossus (Optimist I think it’s called)

    Yeah this one. Pro tip, if you can outdamage the regen (any 5/50 can and some 4/40s) use a debuff HEAVY champ so you will always be able to parry.

    I used LC and Void for the tricky fights and SL for simple ones like Colossus and IM. LC was great for me. Just get past YJ with 80%+ health then commit unless you flop in the first few fights. Then just redo.

    Btw every champ on the map has Massochism
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    Yep...colossus,Deadpool path is the way to go for the first run...play around baiting the sp1 after every combo...block.hit Ur opponent to keep him in his corner and to get him over the bar of power and counter that sp1...if u want to parry more frequently bring in someone who bleeds opponents a lot..I used x23 cuz of that and her regen to counter the block damage..infact other than SL,my team was full of debuff heavy champs-void,medusa,blade and x23
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    i think this link will sure help you in uncollect run :

  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,265 ★★★
    Thanks guys, appreciated
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