She Hulk - Simple Change's


my ideas:

Make the fury from her heavy attack passive (like cap infinity war).

Change the special attack 2 animation to one hit animation (like cap infinity war) but why ? it's simple: with the new cap from infinity war you can parry + heavy + special attack 2 for massive damage so you can do the same thing with she hulk's heavy + special attack 2 but the problem it's works only for first hit of her special attack 2. Two ways to fix that: 1) Change the special attack 2 animation. 2) increase the fury duration from her heavy attack.

The heavy Attack's can do a big damage but she have a very low crit rate... only 15% so give her a additional critical rating bonus for her heavy attack ( like spider gwen's heavy ).

+ Heavy attack's can't remove the stun effects.

Sorry for my english...


  • Dj_mphDj_mph Posts: 70
    I wonder if this is where She-Hulk finally gets buffed

    Considering she is the only one that has ever beaten The Champion except for silver surfer, Thanos and Galactus

    The champion enters the contest next month
  • I think she hulks citing precedent should extend to alpha class champs
  • BeginthEndBeginthEnd Posts: 325
    edited November 2018

    She-Hulk becomes enraged after taking damage, granting +2,500 atk. Based off lost health and/damage taken.

    Passive: she-hulks skin is impenetrable, she is immune to all degenerating passive de buffs and damage over time effects.
    defensive ability accuracy immunity 100%

  • xNigxNig Posts: 3,232 ★★★★
    Sig: She-Hulk slurs incomprehensible law jargons at the opponents, confusing them and reducing their attack to 0 until her saliva runs out.
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