Several bugs I have encountered

I have encountered several game play bugs/glitches with different heroes.

1. Dare Devil, Classic - Maxed 4*, awakened level 63
Against champions that have multi-shot special attacks, like WarMachine's SP1, while holding down block, daredevil will perform his auto-evade, however, he appears to calculate evade for EACH projectile in the SP1. He will evade some of the projectiles, but get hit by one or more, triggering a bleed. That is a definite bug.

When performing a 5 attack combo, MLLLM followed by an SP1 or SP2, dare devil will either miss with the last M or there will be a slight delay allowing the defender to block, then the triggered SP lands on an already blocking defender.

2. Mephisto vs Doctor Voodoo
Opponents of Mephisto are supposed to start off with their soul imprisoned, reducing buffs by 100%. However, Dr. Voodoo starts off with his regen buff. It appears that this behavior was changed when Dr. Voodoo was modified to not take damage vs Domino at the start of a fight. Note that soul imprisonment blocks other start of battle buffs like Corvus's cruelty buffs.

3. Cyclops (New Xavier School) - 5* rank 2, awakened level 20
Cyclops signature ability states tat damage from beam attacks is not reduced by blocking once a combo of 15 or more has been reached. All of his attacks can deal criticals even if the opponent is blocking.
In practice, I have seen his SP1 beam attacks do < 200 damage against a blocking opponent even though his attack meter is at 15 when launching the SP1. This has happened TOO many times to count. Even if it was not a critical, the minimum damage for the SP1 is well over 200.

4. Corvus Glaive
Corvus's SP2 states that while his immunity is active, the attack is unblockable and will drain 20% of the opponents power if they are at max power. When I launched an Sp2 with just ONE glaive charge remaining, the SP2 was unblockable. However, the opponents power meter stayed at full. I assume that the check for glaive charges to reduce the opponents power happens at the end of the SP attack, and not at the start. I believe that since the attack was correctly made unblockable, it should ALSO drain the opponents power.

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