18.5M ally LF 2 members!

Hi, we are [코리아]korea, my ingame name is Bucky O'hare. Based on south korea and india & etc. Looking for 2 member, require these :

•Prestige 7500+(rating 500k above)
•Line app
•one or more 5*r5 champ
•Hustle play

AW Season4 Gold1(206), war rating 2166, tier4. Current season Gold 1 rank325, expect platinum3.

AQ map5 x 5days, rank524~550 and first day prestige is 6697.

Our goal is platinum3 every season, BG1&2 do map6 twice per week.

We don't care any team events, SA, duel. Only care AQ and AW so can feel comfortable.

My Line ID is 'physical.resist' add me if you interested. Thanks to read.

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