Looking for Ally

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Any good sturdy gold 1 map 5 alliances has any spots open


  • Hi

    we use Discord for communications, AQ 55553,

    AW tier 6-9, gold1/2

    Alliance name: BloodPact [BP]

    officer to look for ign: AngelOfTheGone, discord: AngelOfTheGone#3134


  • Would you Consider anything other than a Gold 1 alliance?
  • PbishopPbishop Posts: 109
    I added you @Negritis
  • We’re a gold 2 alliance but hit me up if your interested
  • Hit me up on Line. ID tragicallyhipster. We are called R2R.
  • Gold 1 teir 5-7 140mil aq score hit me up if interested

    Line id: mr.thenin
  • Hit me up on line we are gold 2 rank 65 needing the right players to move to gold 1. Skelliott on line and in game.
  • Looking for active player to join 5×5 aq 130m+ steady gold 1 war season in game name shendrickson add if interested
  • We run 5x5 and have been gold 1 every season.
    polverine15.2 on Line if interested
  • Hit me up in game or Line gc2782. Gold 1 5x5 16.5m. Looking to replace one.
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