1* symbiodo

What will happen if u dont sell the 1* summoned symboido?i dont need the gold


  • He will run away from the roster either way.
  • So u dont think kabam will make a better deal for it back? I would take a 4* for him
  • No. We can either sell him for the Title, or he will leave either way.
  • I highly doubt he's gonna be able to be sold for anything valuable. He was free, and selling a free champ for a 4* isn't really fair. I mean, selling a free champ for 100k gold is already pretty generous.
  • So members on my alliance say kabam is goin 2 let u keep the 1* will not no newere
  • They won't let us keep it plus he is worthless now since they deranked him.
  • I can’t sell my symboid, it doesn’t give that as option, what do I do to get my 100k gold?
  • Yea just goin 2 keep it and see.if thay take i get the gold neways
  • No, you get the Gold if you sell him. If you leave it for them to take it, you get nothing.
  • It’s a 100k gold and a title, or eventually losing a champion that deals less than one damage per bleed over its full duration?
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