Just pulled a doctor octopus!

Just pulled a doctor octopus as a 4 star.how good is he?any tips and strategies?


  • He's such an underrated champ. Doesn't need the dupe to be good either.
  • Great pull
  • He's great for Power Control.
  • He is still my main Hyperion killer, great champion
  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062
    There's a lot of ways you can play him, so I'll just share a cool little strategy that I've discovered. Play as usual and get the opponent against the wall. Then place a power lock on them (this is done simply by giving them enough power. If you accidentally activate armor or heal block instead, just use the heavy attack). Once you have power locked them in the corner, you can keep spamming heavy attacks. The first heavy will remove the power lock and deal extra damage. The second will place a new power lock. The third removes that power lock and deals extra damage. It's a nice heavy-wall spam strategy that deals nice damage and only gives the opponent power on every other heavy attack.
  • He's actually one of my favorite champs to use! He can keep an opponent Power Locked or Heal Blocked for a pretty long time, depending on how you're playing him.
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