Can we get new class related masteries?

Everyone knows that all the class related masteries (other than Mystic Dispersion) are complete garbage. We have been stuck with them for too long like this. We need a change to rework all of them, except MD. Its unfair players with a heavy mystic roster get a god-tier mastery and the other 5 classes are at the mercy of them, especially in alliance war. While its great that they reworked it and made it fair (finally), we are still left with the leftover stench of those other 5 class masteries rotting away in the corner of the battle realm. This is just a suggestion though, I'll let my fellow summoners decide the fate of this post...


    Posted this a while ago, and I still feel there needs to be change to class related masteries.
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    Yeah, this subject has been bought up from time to time over the last 2yrs+. The masteries were breaking the game in Kabam’s opinion. Pure Skill used to be a great mastery for skill champs.

    The underpinnings of the game were completely reworked with the 12.0 update which Kabam felt had to be done so they could introduce new content like LOL, Uncollected, Boss Rush etc. As a result some of the champs that were dependent on certain mysteries and game mechanics pretty much became useless in most of the new content. A large number of ppl quit.

    Don’t look for Kabam to make any changes that will make the game easier for players
    @Blax4ever im not asking for anything that makes the game easier, but those 5 masteries need a rework.
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    what was the pure skill mastery before 12.0?
    @Amazing_Demon05 Im not really sure because I never bought it, but apparently it was nerfed hard.
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    How about Masteries as a whole get an entire rework ? The new content along with new champs bypass masteries that are now next to useless. You got champs that counter party, autoblock, that punish you for dexterity, dodging and even regen.
    The willpower mastery is broken since 12.0 as the DOT for let champs on harder content is ridiculous amounts.

    Biohazard, Masochism, Brute Force, Bain, Stardust, Degen.....all nodes and abilities with NO counter accept spend on potions. Nodes that errode block proficiency, punish for hitting blocked champs......honestly these and other nodes are ruining the game.

    If you insist on continuing to use nodes like the least do your loyal customers a favor and update masteries. We spent a lot of units for cores to update masteries. It would be nice they actually worth it
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    Pure Skill used to allow skill champs to ignore armor. Since the underpinnings of the game are based on math, attacks could multiply negative numbers 12.0 stopped this feature so the 4th and 5th mastery points in Pure Skill became worthless.
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    Players have been pleading with Kabam to do something with the class masteries for more than 2yrs. How would Kabam fix the masteries and it not benefit the players? Fixing the masteries to not benefit the players would be a waste of time because the masteries don’t benefit the players right now.
    Still a good idea.
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