Icon bug, caused by running 2 accounts

I play 2 accounts (Cryptic_Cobra and Confused_Cobra).
Every time I log off of Cryptic, and log onto Confused I get a notification that there are 3 “new” profile pics for me to chose from.
I do not own any of these champions on Confused (most notably I do not own goldpool on the account) yet they are still showing up as options for me to chose from.
Please stop sending me these 3 notifications every time I log onto the account. I’m assuming it is being caused due to overlap with my Cryptic account, as that account has access to the 3 champions that keep showing up with this message. I run the game on iOS.


  • We'll pas this along to the rest of the the team to take a look at.
  • Just FYI, it’s still consistently occurring. Always when I swap to my Cunfused_Cobra account, and it’s always the same 3 champs. I tested if it would let me place them as my actual profile but it does nothing. The main thing is I just have ocd and the “3 notifations” is really annoying me lol.
  • I have had a similar issue, when I log onto my Alt account and look at my main account in my friends list, it shows my alt accounts profile, rating and top 4. Multiple other small bugs like showing the same amount of t5b shards in the inventory as well as a pretty game breaking bug that happened a while back, my alt account received about 10 of my top champs from my main account, as new champs, fully ranked up. I restarted the game and They were gone! nbz7yqboah0d.jpg
  • Update- nothing has been done to fix this issue yet, in fact it’s getting worse. I now get 5 notifications instead of 3.
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