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Looking for a merger with veteran players

Hello we are aiming for a 10 man ally running map 3 aq and 1 BG aw. Happy to run more if you have the numbers. We are currently at 7 verteran 500k+ players looking for a few more guys the more the merrier of course we are super chilled and a relaxed ally we left our old one and created this new one ROTF OR revenge of the fallen you can contact me in game KILLER_PLAYER OR Gingerpad also line app killerplayer

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


  • We currently have 26 members but only 18 - 20 or so are active. We are going to down size some of the less active members. I sent an you an in-game request. Check us out and hope to hear from you.
  • Sent u a message on LINE
  • belli300belli300 Posts: 704 ★★★
    We are currently tier 6 running 1 bg war competitively and have about 20 members and we run aq as many bg as we can clear map 3
  • Unfortunately no requests on line or in game have been received on my end but I have sent you all an in game friend request to discuss further :)
  • SinnurSinnur Posts: 25
    edited November 2018
    Is your name george on line?

    Add me jts1985
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