Don't let the game mess with you

This is a message I sent to my alliance. Felt like sharing it.

Ok everyone, I need to say something here, listen up.

The game is in bad shape. We all know that. Our fights lag, our evades and parry get ignored, and AI is acting all funny and we get hit out of nowhere. It's not us. It's happening everywhere.

I need you all to remain calm, please. Don't let this game screw our minds. The game wants us to die. The game wants us frustrated. The game wants us to spend in order to finish our missions. Let's not give what the game wants.

It is ok if we die in AQ. It is ok if we lose this war. I trust everyone here. I know that if the game was not broken, we would be kicking ass. We are good, but the game wants us to feel like we are not good enough. Don't let it. I rather you guys are well and sane! This game is not worth our sanity.

Please be safe and be calm, so we can go back to keep rocking.
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