Duces Wild or Triple Threat

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Which teams of three or more grant epic synergy? (Not another thread about “unholy” or “holy” synergy.)

For example.
Ant-Man & The Wasp. Great synergy. Need Ghost for the Triple Threat! (AMan, Ghost, Wasp)

Triple Threat!
Morningstar, Mephisto, Guilly: MS starts the fight with 3 souls.
-Bling. •Duces & theTriple Threat•

MS, Mephisto, Guilly, Hela, Angela: MS- Start fight 3 Souls & 1 Bar of Power & Buffs last 20% longer & 20% chance to revive with 20% health on death. (20% increase per K.O. Champ on team- 80%max)
-Bling-BLANGG Duces, Wild, and beyond Triple Threat! •••QUINTUPLE THREAT•••

Feel free to include teams you don’t have and want to see, unique, or stacking synergies.


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    You want fun? Try a thor ragnarok with: Hela, Hulk Ragnarok, Hawkeye, and Quake. Hela gives Thor some regen, Hulk increases this attack when his awakened abilities on, and hawkeye and quake increases ability accuracy. Also Thor must be awakened. Have fun destroying everything in your path!
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