Need a USA player for organised free to play Gold1 alliance

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We are a group of players who are active, competitive but play for fun and have lives outside the game. We have a strong core of players and now season 5 started we find ourselves needing 1 player who can clear a path including the mini boss in aw tiers 6 to 8.

Alliance war: Gold1
We are looking for players on the same wavelength who can be relied on to stay active and communicate paths. We have 2 UK/Euro Bgs and 1 team USA.

We run AW with full diversity and assigned paths

AQ: 57m points
We run 55333 in bg1. 53333 in the other two bgs. Donations are 33k gold 8k bc and 3k loyalty

We hit 400-500k SA points weekly.

Requirements are:
+ Can clear a path in aw up to minis at tiers 6-8 (trying to avoid tiers 5 and up)
+ 35k defense
+ stay active

Not joining aw or aq is kick able, as is not respecting team mates.

Add me on line. ID badboyboo
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