To prevent exploitation, we will prevent new Accounts from being able to Gift enlistment crystals. We will also be taking action on those who are using 3rd Party Sellers, Bots and other farms to gift themselves mass amounts of Enlistment Crystals. Lastly, we will be adding an expiration timer to Enlistment Crystals. All unopened Enlistment Crystals will expire on Oct 18 @ 17:00 UTC. For more information, please see this post: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/346104/updates-to-enlistment-gifting-event

Search by Duel Opponent & Strength. Also allow dueling of top four champs.

I'd like to make two suggestions here. The first is is to add more terms to global search. Possibly also whether awakened, and by how many points.

The second goes with the first, as it would also extend the search.

This is motivated in part by 'choose your own profile pic', but it also makes duelling more useful in the game as a practice mode.
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